Land-Fill My Heart With Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes

Did you know Martin Clunes has his own production company? Called Clagland Productions, it has just released details of a major new television series commissioned by ITV.

Land-Fill My Heart With Martin Clunes is a travel series in which the Clunes tours the UK in celebration of culturally significant Land-fill sites.

Clunes said, “Many people don’t give much thought as to what happens to their rubbish after they bin-it. This series is going to change that.” Apparently Clunes has a long-held love of refuse gathering and its various methods of disposal, with particular interest in the landfill scheme.

“It fills my heart”, continues Clunes unprompted, “To see a once-forgotten love-less brown field site turned into rolling hills built upon discarded kitchen waste. Some people may criticise the scheme but thousands of seagulls can’t be wrong. Seagulls aren’t stupid.”

Land-Fill My Heart With Martin Clunes airs in the new year.

Via Clagland Productions

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Broken Britain Riots

Broken Britain by Ingram Pinn of the Financial TimesBroken Britain by Ingram Pinn of the Financial Times

I’m restricting access to much of the outside world due to poor health, and concentrating instead solely on getting well. As such I’ve not seen any television coverage or read any news reports about the British riots. As such I have no opinion to offer presently, but this cartoon by Ingram Pinn, located on facebook, is worth posting for it’s timeless quality. Its a comment of perennial stature.