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UK ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Nearly Law

Illustration by R. Kikuo Johnson The Investigatory Powers Bill has passed its third reading in the House of Lords and will soon become law. For the first time, security services will be able to hack into computers, networks, mobile devices, … Continue reading

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15 Examples Jeremy Corbyn On Correct Side Of History

1. Apartheid: Jeremy was a staunch opponent of the Apartheid regime and a supporter of Nelson Mandela and the ANC. He was even arrested for protesting outside the South African embassy in 1984. 2. Chile: Jeremy was an opponent of … Continue reading

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New Adam Curtis Film ‘Bitter Lake’ Trailer

Politicians used to have the confidence to tell us stories that made sense of the chaos of world events. But now there are no big stories and politicians react randomly to every new crisis – leaving us bewildered and disorientated. … Continue reading

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BBC Content Warning

“BBC NEWS This programme contains strong language borne of class and racial prejudice that only long-term sustained political corruption can engender. Which some viewers may find disturbing.” #bbc #bbcnews #bbcbias #propoganda #democracy #classwar #politics #news #journalism #media #meme #contentwarning #discontentwarning

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Government Caught Changing Wikipedia

Government Wiki edits downplay high profile killings Wednesday 06 August 2014 UK Fatima Manji, Channel 4 News A Channel 4 News investigation reveals Wikipedia edits to pages on Jean Charles de Menezes, Lee Rigby and Damilola Taylor made from government … Continue reading

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