Watch Things On VCR…

After an incredibly protracted delay I finally bought one of those newly fangled dvd recorder boxes. An LG DRT389H to be precise, and jolly good it seems too. Update: No it’s not! Region-free to boot, so no searching for hacks to play the Region 1 Marx Bros. box sets. “My life was wrapped around the circus. Her name was Lydia. I met her at the world’s fair in 1900, marked down from 1940.”

VHS Peel Volume 1

VHS Peel Volume 1

The main reason for purchasing this future piece of landfill detritus is to cap all those dusty VHS tapes, make some space, then bury those in a landfill as well. Isn’t greed a wonderful thing?

First on the list is the collection of John Peel related programmes that I’m very keen to share with the Peel community at large. First capture appears to have gone very well and without a hitch: Travels With My Camera – Autobahn Blues from 1996 & Snaphots ’93. Well done LG. Next task is to get to grips with Gordian Knot, which I shall begin in earnest tomorrow, or possibly tonight when I get back from the Stewart Lee gig.

It all sounds very jolly if one discounts last night’s panic attack and lack of sleep. Drugs and alcohol seem to be doing a reasonable job of propping me up at the moment, but this agoraphobic is extremely anxious about venturing outdoors tonight. I had hoped to hang around the venue and collar Lee into a bit of an interview, but I really don’t think I’m up to that today. All I want to do right now is sleep, sleep, sleep, and to wake up feeling better.