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I recently had the pleasure of introducing a new friend to the edifying and entertaining oeuvre of Adam Curtis. For her, and others: a list of links that contain audio interviews with Curtis that haven’t appeared here in previous posts.

Adam Curtis: Adam Buxton Podcast Ep.44
In the wake of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election the conversation often focused on a favourite theme of Mr Curtis: where the pursuit of individualism is leading us.

Adam Curtis: The TV elite has lost the plot
The stupidity of crowds

Adam Curtis: an audio special
On Facebook, The Big Lump Theory … and Popbitch Radio

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Bradley Manning Trial Transcripts

Transcripts from Bradley Manning’s Trial: Daily updates
(this page shall be updated frequently)

Freedom of the Press Foundation

Transcripts from Bradley Manning’s Trial

The US military has refused to release transcripts of Bradley Manning’s trial. In addition, they’ve denied press passes to 270 out of the 350 media organizations that applied. Without public transcripts or a press pass, it’s virtually impossible for media organizations to accurately cover the trial and for the public to know what the government is doing in its name.

In response, Freedom of the Press Foundation has crowd-sourced funding to place a professional stenographer in the media room covering the trial. We will post full transcripts shortly after each day’s proceedings end. The morning session with be posted by 7 pm the same evening. The afternoon session will be posted by 9 am the next morning. The transcripts will be released under a ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license.

Depending on how long the trial lasts, transcriptions will cost between $60,000-120,000, so please help support this project by going here to donate.

Date Transcript
July 19, 2013 07-19-13-AM-session.pdf
July 19, 2013 07-19-13-PM-session.pdf
July 18, 2013 07-18-13-PM-session.pdf
July 18, 2013 07-18-13-AM-session.pdf
July 15, 2013 07-15-13-pm-session.pdf
July 10, 2013 REVISED-July-10-afternoon.pdf
July 10, 2013 07-10-13-AM-session.pdf
July 10, 2013 07-10-13-pm-session.pdf
July 9, 2013 07-09-13-AM-session.pdf
July 9, 2013 07-09-13-pm-session.pdf
July 8, 2013 07-08-13-am-session.pdf
July 8, 2013 07-08-13-pm-session.pdf
July 2, 2013 07-02-13-AM-session.pdf
July 2, 2013 07-02-13-PM-session.pdf
July 1, 2013 07-01-13-AM-session.pdf
July 1, 2013 07-01-13-PM-session.pdf
June 28, 2013 06-28-13-AM-session.pdf
June 28, 2013 06-28-13-PM-session.pdf
June 27, 2013 06-27-13-PM-session.pdf
June 26, 2013 06-26-13-AM-session.pdf
June 26, 2013 06-26-13-PM-session.pdf
June 25, 2013 06-25-13-AM-session.pdf
June 18, 2013 06-18-13-AM-session.pdf
June 17, 2013 06-17-13-AM-session.pdf
June 17, 2013 06-17-13-PM-session.pdf
June 12, 2013 06-12-13-AM-session.pdf
June 12, 2013 06-12-13-PM-session.pdf
June 11, 2013 06-11-13-AM-session.pdf
June 11, 2013 06-11-13-PM-session.pdf
June 10, 2013 06-10-13-AM-session.pdf
June 10, 2013 06-10-13-PM-session.pdf
June 5, 2013 06-05-13-AM-session.pdf
June 5, 2013 06-05-13-PM-session.pdf
June 4, 2013 06-04-13-AM-session.pdf
June 4, 2013 06-04-13-PM-session.pdf
June 3, 2013 06-03-13 AM session.pdf
June 3, 2013 06-03-13-PM-session.pdf

Source: Bradley Manning Trial Transcripts | Freedom of the Press Foundation.

2013/06/11 Update:
Manning Judge Rules Crowd-Funded Stenographers Should Be Given Permanent Court Access

Sign The Petition
Bradley Manning’s Nobel Peace Prize

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Towel Day 2013 – Douglas Adams

Towel Day 2013 - Douglas Adams
source: Towel Day on facebook

Towel Day 42 Douglas Adams Infographic

Douglas Adams Radio Interview Triple J 1990
One morning in December 1990 Kylie Sturgess recorded on cassette my interview with Douglas Adams on Triple J. She kept it next to he bed for 20 years (with the erase tabs off) so now, here it is! He was in Australia for “Last Chance To See”.

Parrots, the Universe & Everything University of California 2001

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