Some of my best friends are real smart arses…

Kent Spong Restorations (KSR)Kent Spong Restorations (KSR)
World renown, and very much in demand by the great and good, synth restoration expert.

Clever bastard Kent knows how to play those keys too!

Steve Heineman
Songwriter, performer and Board Certified Music Therapist. First Name In Quality, Last Word In Customer Satisfaction.

Moola Mehndi
Moola Mehndi – for all your Henna and Jagua cravings!

High Anxiety
A free reassurance community for those suffering with Health Anxiety.

Blue Frank
Blue Frank produce reconstructed and bespoke Neo-Victorian jewellery.

Louise Duane-White
London Born and Southsea Based, bringing you paintings and sketches inspired by the deformed perception of the human form.

john peel everyday
Celebrating the unique life of a broadcasting legend.

The Reggae Style
From the ashes of The Reggae Show comes Reggae Style. Sharing various reggae/ska/two-tone documentaries made for TV and radio over the years.

updated : 2012/08/07