The free domestic empire colour supplement – now live on facebook! ;)
Free domestic empire colour supplement on facebook!

“What is domestic empire and why is it necessary to be followed?”, asked a recent search request. Respectively then, it is a small yellow brush or claw that’s used prominently, though not exclusively, in certain northern European districts as an aide-memoire and the act of following is sometimes considered the ability to lead from behind. I sincerely hope that’s satisfied your curiosity.

I apologise for some missing images and lack of keyword tagging. The latter means any keyword search will not include the majority of posts. I will be rectifying this shortly. In the meantime it’s perhaps best to browse the archive by month/year.

From next week: New server space; New ISP. The empire state is optimistic.

If you click here, you’ll see a daily running score of my Slipped Disc/Sciatica. But it’s not sympathy I want, just your understanding that, although I have a lot of draft posts, music and ideas, finding a comfortable position in which to concentrate long enough write is a literal pain. Expect more shorter political rants in the way of links and probably more photography. The good news is I’ve begun Physiotherapy, so hopefully that’ll begin to take effect before too long.