Two-Tier Policing Fiasco 19 Squad Cars Protect 1 Baronet!

Overstretched police? 19 police cars sent to protect Baronet Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland from fox hunting protesters
If you live in Cambridgeshire and found the police too busy to attend your call on the 23rd of December – it’s probably because NINETEEN Cambridgeshire police cars were sent to protect a fox hunt organised by Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland, 4th Baronet.

The police turned up in force and then proceeded to threaten the peaceful anti-hunt protesters with CS gas spray:

Source: Overstretched police? 19 police cars sent to protect Baronet Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland from fox hunting protesters | Pride’s Purge


Tories BOW to wealthy antiques dealers and DROP ban on elephant ivory in manifesto

The most powerful UK antique traders association is the British Antique Dealers’ Association – whose president is Tory MP and pal of Theresa May, Lady Victoria Borwick.

The most powerful UK antique traders association is the British Antique Dealers’ Association – whose president is Tory MP and pal of Theresa May, Lady Victoria Borwick.

The Killer Handshake

Foxes, badgers, robins and now ELEPHANTS: hidden manifesto plan by Tories to allow ivory trade

Under David Cameron the Conservatives had pledged – along with other UK political parties – to put into place a ban on ivory trading. This follows bans by China, the US and other important ivory trading countries to end domestic trades in ivory by the end of 2017.

But there is no mention of the ban in Theresa May’s Tory 2017 manifesto. Sneakily, the Tories have decided to DROP their previous commitment to introducing a total ban on ivory trade in Britain. This comes after heavy pressure from wealthy antiques traders who have been lobbying Teresa May hard to drop the ban on ivory.

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Via Pride’s Purge ~ an irreverent look at UK politics –

The Conservative Party is corrupt to the core – make them pay June 8th.

Princes William and Harry go hunting before launching wildlife campaign

The British Monarchy: Animal Terrorists.

The 31-year-old royal was pictured arriving in Spain with his brother Prince Harry yesterday as they prepared for a weekend of shooting on a posh private estate in Cordoba.

The siblings looked delighted as they were greeted by friends at the airport, and clearly weren’t feeling guilty about their upcoming activities.

It’s been reported by The Sun that William and Harry will hunt the likes of wild boar, partridges and stags today – whereas William’s campaign will aim to raise awareness of the shooting and illegal trade in protected species such as rhinos and elephants.

William and Harry are not said to be breaking any Spanish laws in hunting the animals, but their timing is set to anger animal lovers, with one conservation expert calling it “absolutely shocking”.

Prince Charles will also be launching the campaign with his eldest son, with the slogan being: “Let’s Unite for Wildlife!”

It will begin with a joint video message – which is being released tomorrow – followed next week by events at venues including the Zoological Society and National History Museum.

Princes William and Harry go hunting in Spain one day before launching wildlife campaign

Colombia Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

Ban Animal Circuses

Following in the footsteps of other South American countries (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay), Colombia today announced a ban on the use of wild animals in any travelling or stationary circuses.

The passage of the Bill comes after a six year campaign led by Animal Defenders International (ADI) that included scientific reviews and undercover investigations that exposed significant abuse and neglect.

House Representative Augusto Posada, author of the Bill, said: “This is good news for the country because with the prohibition of the use of animals in circuses we are taking a significant step in the conservation of wildlife, the awareness to preserve nature and thus demonstrate that as humans we can respect the status and dignity of other species. Those who still have animal shows will have two years to evolve and allow the return of these creatures to a suitable habitat and to create new forms of entertainment without the presence of animals.”

While the Bill originally sought to ban all animals from circuses, domestic species unfortunately were excluded.

Congratulations to all involved! You can read more about ADI’s efforts in Colombia here.

source: Colombia Bans Use of Wild Animals in Circuses | Ecorazzi

While it initially sounds like a clear victory for animal welfare this law does not exclude domestic animals. Similarly the UK will introduce a ban on non-domestic animals, also in 2015, and it too will also not exclude domestic animals. Welcome though these new rulings are they stop short of genuine understanding. To allow only certain animals this freedom from slavery while others may still be caged and humiliated for financial gain is an obscenity we must continue to fight as fiercely as ever.

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Ban Animal Circuses

Get Well Soon David Attenborough

Get Well Soon David Attenborough xx

Get Well Soon David Attenborough xx

Veteran BBC broadcaster Sir David Attenborough underwent successful heart surgery to fit a pacemaker in London today.

The 87-year-old, who was forced to cancel a trip to Australia, had been told by his cardiologist “that he is in urgent need of a pacemaker,” according to a statement from his publicist.

A spokesman for the naturalist said the TV star was doing well following the procedure today.

He said: “Sir David has now had the operation and his doctors are satisfied with his progress.”

The presenter of award-winning programmes such as Life on Earth and The Living Planet was due to embark upon a sold-out speaking tour of Australia next week.

The trip, which was due to start in Brisbane, has now been cancelled while Sir David remains in the UK for treatment. The statement expressed his “extreme disappointment” at its postponement and said he hopes to reschedule the tour as soon as he recovers from surgery.

His spokesman earlier told PA that Sir David was still his “lively self” and the described the operation as a “minor procedure”.

Sir David has spent six decades presenting programmes for the BBC. He recently unveiled a new slot for Radio 4 called Tweet Of The Day. Each episode lasts a minute and a half and features the song of a particular species of bird.

Speaking in January about his age, Sir David said: “I’m 86 now and I’ve been broadcasting for 60 years. I don’t want to slow down. Retirement would be so boring.”

The broadcaster, who was born in Isleworth, London in 1926, is the only person to have won a Bafta award for programmes in black and white, colour, HD and 3D.

Sir David has been named Britain’s greatest living national treasure.

source: The Independent