Democracy Doesn’t Work Unless You Participate

Democracy Doesn't Work Unless You Participate

A few things to consider…

When Theresa May tells you Tories respect the armed forces, remember the veterans who died after benefits sanctions (independent)link

Tory lead over Labour slips in latest election polls (metro)link

Voter registration soars among students with 55% backing Labour (guardian)link

The Prime Minister wants approval on bombing missions against Assad’s troops as the Government is convinced he is behind a deadly Sarin attack. Theresa May plots snap vote on bombing Syria… but is she turning into Trump’s poodle? (mirror)link

Tory election spending claims: 12 police forces pass files to CPS (guardian)link

How to make a difference in the June General Election (nme)link

The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots,  toffs, money-minded machine men,  faded entertainers and selfish,  grasping simpletons who were  born with some essential part of  their soul missing"


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