Anti-Fascist Fundraiser in Portsmouth this Sunday

Pompey DIY Together Weekender...Day 3
I wonder if, amid all the D-Day coverage on the BBC this week, they mentioned anything about the anti-fascist fundraiser in Portsmouth this Sunday, or indeed gave details of any groups or organizations one might wish to join in the ongoing battle to stem fascism?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps none of this falls within the distinctly tidy and gloriously-corporate-war remit? Or perhaps they’re just under the impression fascism ceased altogether along with the end of WWII?

Tempting though it was to watch Huw and his cronies basking in the reflected sacrifices of others, I resisted. I’ve seen too many of these ham-fisted BBC tributes which do little to impart any dignity upon our families that endured such unspeakable hardships. Just another TV show lacking insight or depth.

Rumour has it though that anti-fascist stalwart Huw Edwards shall be attending Sunday’s gig in full studded imitation leather.

Pompey DIY Together Weekender…Day 3 Full details here

Pompey Punx Collective Day 3

Further Reading
Anti-fascist Network: website | facebook | twitter The enemy within are hell-bent on destroying everything the heroes of D-Day fought for


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