Princes William and Harry go hunting before launching wildlife campaign

The British Monarchy: Animal Terrorists.

The 31-year-old royal was pictured arriving in Spain with his brother Prince Harry yesterday as they prepared for a weekend of shooting on a posh private estate in Cordoba.

The siblings looked delighted as they were greeted by friends at the airport, and clearly weren’t feeling guilty about their upcoming activities.

It’s been reported by The Sun that William and Harry will hunt the likes of wild boar, partridges and stags today – whereas William’s campaign will aim to raise awareness of the shooting and illegal trade in protected species such as rhinos and elephants.

William and Harry are not said to be breaking any Spanish laws in hunting the animals, but their timing is set to anger animal lovers, with one conservation expert calling it “absolutely shocking”.

Prince Charles will also be launching the campaign with his eldest son, with the slogan being: “Let’s Unite for Wildlife!”

It will begin with a joint video message – which is being released tomorrow – followed next week by events at venues including the Zoological Society and National History Museum.

Princes William and Harry go hunting in Spain one day before launching wildlife campaign


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