Don’t Hate By Mistake

Brief seasonal reminder who not to support:



The Salvation Army is a militant homophobic Christian organisation which uses its donations to mount numerous anti-Human Rights campaigns (1).


The Countryside Alliance is a propaganda campaign on behalf of those who would overturn the hunting ban (2). In short, The Countryside Alliance is Pro-Hunting. Merchandising (3) funds directly support bloodsport. Don’t be swayed by their picturesque Christmas cards.


A great alternative for helping the homeless that you should be supporting is the community-led initiative The Rucksack Project.

The Rucksack Projec“The Rucksack Project is a worldwide movement that is slowly gathering momentum as more and more people decide to undertake a simple, but compassionate task to help those that are sleeping rough on our streets through these harsh winter months. It’s not about grand gestures; it’s not about spending loads of money, or about making a big commitment. It’s about giving up a little of your time, a little bit of loose change and some creative thinking to support another individual.”

The Rucksack Project Website
The Rucksack Project facebook

Avoid duplicity. Don’t fund hate.


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Writer, philosopher, humourist, musician, photographer, supporter of human rights, animal rights, owner/operator of a small but industrious beard and a whisker shy of talented.
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