WebKit Opera: First Impressions

Opera breached, has code cert stolen, possibly spreads malware – advice on what to do
Attackers sign malware using crypto certificate stolen from Opera Software
Opera’s network hacked, code-signing certificate stolen, used to spread malware
Opera’s official statement raise more questions than it answers

So then Opera enters a dramatic new phase, but is a bright new dawn or is the sun about to set on a much loved friend?

From herein I shall refer to Presto as Classic Opera and WebKit as, erm, ChromOpera? ChrOpera? ChOpera? COpera? I haven’t settled on an appropriate conjunction just yet.

View full size image. Opera Next v.15.0.1147.61

Observations on Opera Next version 15.0.1147.61
One aspect that I and I’m certain most users love about Classic Opera is in how customisable it is. ini files can be edited with speed and efficiency that brings a real sense of ownership to the experience.

WebKit uses SQLlite to store its user data so by using SQLite Database Browser I’ve been able to view and edit some files (see screenshot below). Crucially the Preferences file can be edited in a plain text editor, although only a few options have been added thus far, so there really isn’t much one can do to customise things just yet.

View full size image. SQLite Database Browser

Overview & Omissions
This is merely a cursory overview. A first impression review.

    Search: No edit options. Cannot Add or remove.
    Bookmarks: Not available.
    UserJS: Not available.
    UserCSS: Not available.
    Themes: No edit options. Cannot Add or remove.
    Toolbar: Not available.
    Passwwords: Import not available.
    Certificates: Import not available.
    Blocked Content/urlfilter: Not available.

source: Gary Walsh – WebKit Opera: First Impressions MyOpera Blog

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