Colombia Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

Ban Animal Circuses

Following in the footsteps of other South American countries (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay), Colombia today announced a ban on the use of wild animals in any travelling or stationary circuses.

The passage of the Bill comes after a six year campaign led by Animal Defenders International (ADI) that included scientific reviews and undercover investigations that exposed significant abuse and neglect.

House Representative Augusto Posada, author of the Bill, said: “This is good news for the country because with the prohibition of the use of animals in circuses we are taking a significant step in the conservation of wildlife, the awareness to preserve nature and thus demonstrate that as humans we can respect the status and dignity of other species. Those who still have animal shows will have two years to evolve and allow the return of these creatures to a suitable habitat and to create new forms of entertainment without the presence of animals.”

While the Bill originally sought to ban all animals from circuses, domestic species unfortunately were excluded.

Congratulations to all involved! You can read more about ADI’s efforts in Colombia here.

source: Colombia Bans Use of Wild Animals in Circuses | Ecorazzi

While it initially sounds like a clear victory for animal welfare this law does not exclude domestic animals. Similarly the UK will introduce a ban on non-domestic animals, also in 2015, and it too will also not exclude domestic animals. Welcome though these new rulings are they stop short of genuine understanding. To allow only certain animals this freedom from slavery while others may still be caged and humiliated for financial gain is an obscenity we must continue to fight as fiercely as ever.

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Ban Animal Circuses


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