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Chalk Poses New Terrorist Threat to America

A.K.A. Freedom of Speech in Corporate US California man faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk Jeff Olson, the 40-year-old man who is being prosecuted for scrawling anti-megabank messages on sidewalks in water-soluble chalk last year … Continue reading

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CIA Anti-Leak Campaign Leaks

WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director John Brennan is launching a new campaign aimed at pressuring CIA officers to keep the intelligence agency’s secrets secret, after a series of leaks to the media. In a memo to the CIA workforce this … Continue reading

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Opera Browser Servers Hacked

27th June 20013: IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL OPERA BROWSER USERS Servers belonging to software developers Opera have been compromised. At present it is unclear how much damage has been done. Opera themselves have been their usual less than forthcoming selves … Continue reading

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In The Meantime, Some Music…

The English Blues – Matthew Edwards and The Unfortunates (Just Like) Susan George – The Blanche Hudson Weekend Special Ape – Fat White Family The Wolfhounds – Cheer Up If you have trouble finding these at … Continue reading

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WebKit Opera: First Impressions

27th June 20013: IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL OPERA BROWSER USERS • Opera breached, has code cert stolen, possibly spreads malware – advice on what to do • Attackers sign malware using crypto certificate stolen from Opera Software • Opera’s network … Continue reading

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