Is This The End for flickr?

I Screwed Up!

updated: 2013/05/29

In the wake of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s disastrous flickr relaunch on Monday (2013/05/20), well over 30,000 complaints – and rising fast – have been received and people leave in droves. Problems over incredibly slow page load times or pages that fail to loading at all. Plus Pro users given a raw deal. Typical comments include…

ricko says: I can’t get my photostream to load, can’t see any photos. My mac just has the spinning ball. What is wrong with you people!!!

Universal Pops says: I can’t find comments people make on my photos. The page provides irrelevant information and no obvious means of accessing what I’m looking for.

wilson hughes says: I hate it! This is not what I have paid for, and not what I want. It is difficult to navigate and visually awful. Change it back, or give me a choice.

Heath McDonald says: Unable to post comments, now get server errors! This was designed by someone who doesn’t know Flickr and isn’t a photographer. What is the benefit of this cropping anyway above showing the set pictures as the were?

Sicco Dierdorp says: Please please pretty please change the cropping of the photo’s on the sets page. The way sets were was one of the main reasons I joined flickr, if it stays like this it will be the one reason I have to leave.

Stewie1980 says: Please Flickr, resize the set cover photos! I choose them for a reason! They all looked attractive and inviting in the square size! Now they are all screwed up! Some of them beyond recognition!

joeldinda says: Set descriptions that actually say things are completely broken. Reduced to one line (except as hover text, near as I can tell), hyperlinks in the text are broken, all html codes are displayed.

I put a lot of effort into some of my set descriptions and really resent this change.

And then there’s the Collections issue. My other stream–mwlguide–is deliberately organized as Collections and Sets into which I’ve put years of effort. You’ve pretty much ruined it.

Witty nickname says: They don’t look too happy. [ img: ]
It’s launch day and we had no choice and cannot voice our own opinions. Mean Marissa made us change Flickr.

It’s also funny how a number of staff have removed commenting on their photostreams too.

The silence is deafening.

B℮n says: The photos are indeed the focus of the redesign – to the detriment of the entire site. It is now bloatware – so many images, so crowded together that no one image can been seen and appreciated.
There is not a museum out there that tries to fit their entire collection crammed onto one wall… whitespace matters. Images need to breath.
And by cramming all the images “in your face”, the descriptive stories, critques and comments, links, geomapping, camera EXIF data – all the rich content that made you want to learn more and explore more is now completely hidden. The “social” has been completely removed, the richness buried.

Flickr is reduced down to the vomit quality of a google images spew… only with less whitespace.

But likely the biggest problem is the extreme slowness and high bandwidth usage this “new” look imposes… you now wait for 20 seconds or more for a page to load – indeed I often end up with a screen of just grey boxes as the images are simply too big to load with any kind of response time – and I’m on a DSL connection. Those without highspeed connectvity have had to walk away – they can’t even get into their own photostream.
This removes it from the realm of educational use, and now has been removed from the iPad as the bandwidth consumption it too high.

All this was done, without warning, to paying customers. Customers who have long standing paid usage – I’ve only been a payng customer for the past 5 years, so I’m relatively new there… many photographers have 8 or more years invested and thousands of hours.

CEO Marissa Mayer has publicaly said that there are no professional photographers any more… that everyone just shoots and posts from their iPhone. That’s true enough for the 12 photos she’s managed to post in her Flickr stream, but not true for the long standing, serious camera users who carefully tagged and geo-located and enriched their EXIF data to share their learning with others.

Ulterior Motives?
Users have spoken out about the initial beta – or bucket – testing phase during which the proposed makeover came in for severe criticism, but these warnings were ultimately ignored. As it stands, the drastic makeover looks like it was rolled out with little regard as to the widespread disruption is was to cause leaving some commentators wondering just who seeks to gain from the exercise?

The overall impression is of someone having vandalism or hacked the site to cause maximum disruption.

Conspiracy Of Silence
In the fourth day since the changes were forced upon users without warning or updated user guide, the frustration continues, but does anyone at flickr care to listen?

I Done Has Screwed Up.

UPDATE: Yahoo Design Chief Quits. ~ Senior vice president of Yahoo’s User Experience Design department, Tim Parsey, has decided to leave the company.

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One Response to Is This The End for flickr?

  1. Peter says:

    Well, if the redesigned Flickr is that great, why hasn’t Marissa Mayer looked at her own page since then.
    If she did, she would have noticed angry customers commented on her pictures and people trolling with her “Photos of” page.


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