Like Moths To A Flame

Olympic Torch Relay Attracts Millions
Olympic Torch Relay

Where were these people when government cuts needed protesting, when war victims of torture needed a voice? Where were these bleating sheep when souls in agony screamed for help?

Moron magnet live coverage!

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2 Responses to Like Moths To A Flame

  1. They waved their little flags and hoped it would get them on the telly. – “Did you see me?” All very, very sad and today Lansley wants to sack doctors and nurses because he doesn’t like the idea of paying them or allowing them any holidays. The lunatics have taken over. Still, at least we have the army on the streets of London. Heaven help us!


  2. Professor Jones says:

    ^ who do you believe the army are there to protect and serve? the people or the elite?


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