The Day We Fight Back – Vote Today

I'm Voting LabourThe Day We Fight Back
Don’t waste your chance to send this government a message. It’s payback time for the cuts, the scandals, the lies and the general incompetence, greed and deceit.

How, Where and When
If you need information about your local election or perhaps you’ve never voted before, follow this link

Local elections: 11 reasons why they matter
Pondering whether or not to head down to the polling station in England, Scotland and Wales on Thursday to vote for your local councillor or mayor? Here are eleven reasons why the result of the elections could make a difference to you: BBC Politics

Your Vote WILL make a difference – Please Use It!


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2 Responses to The Day We Fight Back – Vote Today

  1. Dorchester/Fordington got left out of voting this time around – will keep a keen eye on the results elsewhere though.


  2. What a sod that Boris won otherwise it could have been thought of as a ‘clean sweep’. Great to hear the Tory MP’s explaining to us all how it was in fact a ‘victory’ for them. Can they get any further removed from the electorate??? “So Cameroon (sic), just how much IS a pint of milk?”


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