A Minority Pastime

What do you call an organised group of adults who illegally chase & kill animals for fun?

A Minority Pastime, by Bafta and Emmy award nominee Michael Dixon, follows countryside dweller Denise Ward into the world of organised crime as she discovers the brutality of illegal fox hunting and its exceptionally aggressive supporters. The film is narrated by Hollywood star Patrick Stewart.

Attend The Special Preview Screening
Special preview screening on Friday 20th April in Chard, Somerset of A Minority Pastime plus Q&A with Producer Denise Ward now booked …. for a place email nisa@aminoritypastime.net or phone 07527527603

Campaign to end fox hunting

Fox Hunting Is Organised Crime

• A Minority Pastime website | facebook
• League Against Cruel Sports website | facebook
• Save Me website | facebook
• A Minority Pastime trailer YouTube | extended trailer on Vimeo


About domestic empire

Writer, philosopher, humourist, musician, photographer, supporter of human rights, animal rights, owner/operator of a small but industrious beard and a whisker shy of talented.
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