All this Spin Is Making Me Dizzy

‘Meanwhile, Back At The NHS’

Stop Government Snooping, scream emotive headlines all the way across civil liberty groups to mainstream media, but are they concentrating on the real story? Yes, I think so. As far as the government press office would have you think.

The alleged new laws under proposals would allow the monitoring of all emails, texts and web use in the UK is a text book example of how a government attempts to manoeuvre focus away from a controversial story by manufacturing an even greater one in its place.

The more dramatic and emotive this slight of hand can be made to appear, the greater its desired effect.

The present uproar concerning privacy, tactically, ironically or perhaps even coincidentally announced on April 1st, is a deliberate ploy of misdirection designed to draw attention away from the genuine story. In this instance it is the break up of the NHS.

Don’t be fooled. As much as the government would love to pass a law that allows them unprecedented access to the private communications of an entire country, such desires are well below those that wish to disband the NHS and in doing so, cream off a tidy profit for themselves and their cronies.

If one looks into the story you will see there’s very little detail there. Just enough to allow people’s imagination to do the rest.

Classic spin. Seems to be working too. They say ‘Jump’ and the media say, ‘Is this high enough?’

Now let’s all get back to the NHS shall we?

Oh look, here’s a surprise: Government retreats on digital ‘Big Brother’ plan. NOW can we can we get back to the NHS?


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