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Bahrain Censorship Prevails. Journalists Arrested & Deported

To borrow one of Bernie Ecclestone’s oft used comments during last weekend’s Grand Prix, “It’s business as usual” in Bahrain. Shortly after the race on Sunday, a British news team from Channel 4 television were chased by riot police on … Continue reading

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Surge in Obesity Sparks Crematorium Blazes

As the number of obese Germans rises, the funeral industry is scrambling to make adjustments in how larger bodies with more fat can be safely incinerated. A number of crematoriums have suffered severe damage when burning fat overwhelmed their emergency … Continue reading

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No Politics Here!

I was a little surprised to discover how dominant this site was when searching on WordPress for the keyword Politics! (click image to view in full) I surmise therefore we’re overdue both jokes and photos of cute kittens. The Joke: … Continue reading

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Formula 1 Bahrain Cartoons by Latuff

“Compilation of my cartoons about #F1 in #Bahrain for free reproduction” Visit Latuff Cartoons for more of his political cartoons. What’s it all about? Bernie Ecclestone believes himself to be in a truly unique position, in that politics have nothing … Continue reading

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Who Are You?

Olympic organisers request dead Who drummer for closing ceremony. In a fine example of life imitating art, the London 2012 Olympic committee, no doubt paying tribute to the excellent BBC 2 comedy Twenty Twelve, approached The Who’s management to request … Continue reading

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