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“We are not interested in hearing a personal bad word against the Queen.”, say the BBC.*

It is a year when Government, forever keeping their lap dog on a short financial leash never allowing them to forget their obligations to the state, reap their return in perpetual media displays of unbridled affection and devotion from a Commonwealth of proud and jubilant subjects, safe in the knowledge they shall be free of all critique and decent – but for the usual concessionary slight display of balance, certain to feature late night on BBC2.

Of course, nobody should be in the least surprised by this admission from within the BBC. This is, after all, a text book example of precisely how a Monarchy must behave.

Does the BBC have to be quite so craven? Yvonne Roberts of The Guardian


Jubilee Protest Sunday 3rd June 2012

Protest at the Pageant
On 3rd June 2012 Republic will hold a major protest against the monarchy at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. With thousands of republicans expected to attend, this will be the biggest and boldest anti-monarchy protest in modern times.

Jubilee Protest 2012

The Jubilee Protest Website

Throughout the weekend of the 2012 jubilee celebrations republicans will be protesting against inherited power and privilege and calling for the abolition of the monarchy.

Our protests will take place right alongside the major jubilee events, centred around the Thames pageant on Sunday 3rd June as well as at the lighting of the jubilee beacons, the St Pauls thanksgiving service and the planned concert organised by the BBC.

Our aim is to gather thousands of people in opposition to the monarchy, to tell the world that we want change.

Be a part of that demand for change – pledge your support for the protest and sign up to get regular updates or to volunteer as a steward or organiser.

Why are we protesting?
The jubilee celebrations go to the heart of what’s wrong with the monarchy. They’re an enforced celebration of hereditary power and all the problems that spring from it. They represent everything we, as republicans, oppose.

We’re protesting because we want to send that message to the royal family, the government, the media and – most importantly – to the people of Britain. It’s a unique opportunity not just to voice our opposition to an unaccountable and anti-democratic institution, but to promote the positive republican alternative.

Additional protests coming up on 10th, 12th and 20th March in London. also protests planned for Scotland and Wales. Via Twitter

You can also follow on Twitter @RepublicStaff and by following the #jubileeprotests

Now is the Summer of our discontent