Think then Print! V Mask Printable

V Mask @ flickr: Download and Print Link :)

Think then Print! V Mask Printable

Clicking either image, or here, will take you straight to the V Mask Printable page at flickr courtesy of OperationPaperStorm. Click on the Actions tab to View all sizes.

I’m not particularly into the whole V for Vendetta thing, but if you do plan to protest government and capitalism – good – with a cartoon mask – whatever – and in doing so fund a major corporation, it all seems a tad counter-productive to me. Far better that you download, print your own, then spend the money on something more in your own community.

V Mask Printable #operationpaperstorm @flickr

V Mask Printable #operationpaperstorm @flickr

Alternatively one can download the 3D wraparound print-ready pdf version here, or again, at OperationPaperStorm’s flickr page.

How To Make Your Own Guy Fawkes Mask

How To Make Your Own Guy Fawkes Mask


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