Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle 2nd Series

Stewart Lee“Stewart Lee, on TV, fills my day with certain Glee.”
Stewart Lee’s 2nd Comedy Vehicle: Wednesday, BBC 2 at 23:20 for the next six weeks, or until the fan belt goes.

The BAFTA-nominated Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle returns for a second series on BBC Two.

In this first episode, Stewart looks at the subject of charity. Or rather he tries to, but gets rather sidetracked into talking about crisps, his granddad and whether this new series is going to have any actual jokes in it.

The show is shot before a live audience, with a guest cameo by Armando Iannucci.
BBC press release

The second series of SLCV will begin transmission on BBC2 in the post-newsnight slot on Wednesday May 4th at 11.20pm. We were asked to create a show to try and carve out the post-newsnight slot for comedy and have done so.

The material comprises the 3 hours I worked up in the Vegetable Stew shows August-December 2010, and ten minutes of old stuff, and has been seen by less than 25 000 guinea-pig people live in advance of transmission.

The material, except the ten minutes of old stuff, will not be available commercially in any other format than as part of SLCV series 2 and was generated specifically with the TV format in mind.
Stewart Lee

Armando Iannucci:
‘There’ll be a 2nd series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. Huzzah! Huzzah!’

Stewart Lee:
“Cock-A-Hoop About New Vehicle. I’m delighted that BBC2 have recommissioned SLCV and am really looking forward to getting the team back together to make an even more irritating series than the first. I can’t believe it, frankly, and I am completely cock-a-hoop.”
BBC Blog : 2010/02/09

Stewart Lee
BBC iPlayer: Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle


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