Jubilant or Not? The 2012 Diamond Jubilee

Buckingham Palace

Which bit do you own?

So then, what dubious honour are we footing the bill for next? Oh yes it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, which includes the Official Jubilee Weekend from 2nd-5th June. “The Government has announced its plans for a special four-day Jubilee weekend which will allow communities the time to come together to celebrate and commemorate the events of the last 60 years.”

2012 Diamond Jubilee Logo

Look it was drawn by a child, awww.

Does this mean the thousands, perhaps millions, like me across the Commonwealth, shall be allowed to democratically celebrate our continued disapproval of this fascist occupation? Leaving the Monarchy aside, I’d like to, what else are we meant to be celebrating? British industry, British exports, the health of the nation, the crime rate, the economy? There’s so much to choose from isn’t there?



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