What BP Don't Want You To See

Sea Life Dead. BP Ban Media.

BP Oil Spill Disaster Kills Ocean Life

BP hide the truth. Oil bloated marine life washed up and kept away from media.

Reporters tweet of BP engineers and Coast Guard muscle successfully thwarting the media from photographing the hundreds of sea turtles, birds, fish and even dolphins that have perished in recent days.

While BP, have demonstrated the dismal ability to stop the gush of oil from flowing into the ocean, they’ve shown remarkable aptitude at corralling the carcasses away from public view. Afraid that the images could further raise public ire.

source: http://www.seismologik.com/journal/2010/6/2/bp-denies-a-dead-dolphin-fifteen-minutes-of-fame.html

Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries biologists recover dead dolphin.

Biologists from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries recover a dead dolphin from LA Grand Isle. (Photograph by Carolyn Cole)


BP Denies A Dead Dolphin Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (Seismologik) … “Even serial killers get obituaries.”
Gulf oil spill will only get worse (Miami Herald) … “If you have enough oil, it can go a big distance,” and some 100 million gallons could be spilled by this summer. “There’s almost no place that’s off-limits,”
Gulf of Mexico oil leak ‘worst US environment disaster’ (BBC) … “things will get much worse”.
BP: Just the tip of the oil spill (Stir it Up) … “The irony in BP spending millions projecting a new “greener” image whilst making wholesale cuts in workers safety and conditions leading to the biggest environmental catastrophe in US history should not be lost on the world.”.


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One Response to What BP Don't Want You To See

  1. gary says:

    BP Is Destroying Evidence and Censoring Journalists

    BP is using federal agencies to shield itself from public accountability and is actually disappearing oiled wildlife.
    June 12, 2010

    Orange Beach, Alabama — While President Obama insists that the federal government is firmly in control of the response to BP’s spill in the Gulf, people in coastal communities where I visited last week in Louisiana and Alabama know an inconvenient truth: BP — not our president — controls the response. In fact, people on the ground say things are out of control in the gulf…

    source: http://www.alternet.org/environment/147185/bp_is_destroying_evidence_and_censoring_journalists/


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