What happened to Bita Ghaedi?

I have been meaning to write a follow up to my British Government sentence Bita Ghaedi to death article, and I still plan to. But from a slightly different angle. In the meantime however, let me direct you to Bita Ghaedi case – my follow up, written by Shreen Ayob, whose original posting on facebook it was all those weeks ago, that alerted me to Bita’s plight.

I also had the privilege and honour of attending a small get together in London last week, with members of IKWRO, and others who campaigned on behalf of Bita. Here you can see how healthy and happy she now appears, as she gave a thanks to those who helped her cause and those of others in need.

See Further Reading and British Government sentence Bita Ghaedi to death to find a comprehensive list of links for charities and organisations working hard and tirelessly on a daily basis for the basic dignity and Human Rights that I, and most of you reading this, take for granted. Please help spread the word, both of this success, and the appalling abuses that continue.

“You must be The Change You Want To See In The World” – Mahatma Gandhi..(Wikipedia link)

Bita Ghaedi in London 2010.05.26 (Photography by Gary Walsh) © Copyright 2010 Gary Walsh All rights reserved

Bita Ghaedi in London 2010.05.26 (photo by gary walsh/domesticempire.co.uk)


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