What is life like for failed asylum seekers in the UK?

Living in Limbo

Living in Limbo. A BBC World Service Documentary

Global Perspective: Living in Limbo (BBC World Service)

No-one in the UK is more marginalised than those asylum seekers who have not had their applications accepted but have not yet been asked to leave.

This status might occur because their country of origin is too dangerous to return to and is a life in limbo that can last as long as eight years.

Failed asylum seekers have no rights to benefits, accommodation or work. They exist on the goodwill of others.

Collen thinks that his four years of asylum claims and appeals may be at an end, but is too frightened to return to Zimbabwe.

Thomas – from Eritrea – does not yet know if he can stay in the UK after originally claiming asylum seven years ago.

Jenny Cuffe investigates the impact of living in limbo on the lives of asylum seekers.

Living in Limbo is the second in this year’s Global Perspective documentary series.

Find out more about the Global Perspective documentary series.

First broadcast on BBC World Service 30 April 2010.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/documentaries/2010/04/100428_living_in_limbo.shtml

From the BBC source link above, one has the choice to stream, (listen online), or download the documentary as an mp3 direct to you computer or mp3 player. There’s also a Podcast option to subscribe to other BBC World Service documentaries via iTunes, My Yahoo!, Zune, Google Reader, ZENCast or plain jolly old RSS feed. Currently the programme archive amounts to 528! Well worth a look I’d suggest. You can jump directly to the complete list by clicking this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/docarchive/all

Good to see the BBC continue making more content, particularly radio documentaries, available in such various and convenient ways.

Further Links of Interest

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