Not One More Execution (Free Protester's Kit)

Free Iran Flag and Protester

(Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

The Not One More Execution campaign material collated by Maria over at Mission Free Iran is a fantastic resource. One might almost suggest it’s a one-stop protester’s kit. Here’s a very very brief overview of what you can have access to.

Download Materials Include…

• Examples of event announcements
• Examples of letters to mainstream civil society orgs
• Example of a press release
• Examples of small ads for local newspapers
• Petition text
• Campaign directions for holding your own demonstration
• Numerous supporting documents

But you really have to visit to see all that’s on offer. Go. Go now!

We’ve developed a set of campaign materials to help you plan your own NOT ONE MORE EXECUTION campaign. Sort through what’s there and use what you like/need to implement your own actions.

This page provides basic instructions and materials to help you stand up and demand an end to executions in Iran. The materials can be used to support anything from a one-person letter-writing campaign to a full-fledged protest. The supplementary documents provided below are great for letter-writing campaigns. You can use our petition text for a stand-alone petition effort, or as part of a larger, more comprehensive campaign. If you need more information on how to hold your own protest or letter-writing campaign, let us know via comment box, and we will be happy to provide guidance.

These materials were developed to support Mission Free Iran’s January 24 “Not One More” three-country protest against executions and political imprisonment in Iran, which was held in Gotland Sweden, Toronto Canada, and Washington DC.



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One Response to Not One More Execution (Free Protester's Kit)

  1. Maria Rohaly says:

    Gary, you are my hero. :) Thank you so much for raising awareness about these resources for taking a stand against executions in Iran.

    We need to do everything we can from outside to support the struggle for freedom on the inside. This regime continues its methodical slaughter of people in Iran. By taking a public stand, we make our societies aware that the killing didn’t end in June or even December 2009. When we share images of our protests against the regime’s killing, people inside see those, and it gives them real heart to know that they have the continued and devoted support of people around the world.

    Keeping the pressure on, by writing that letter or holding that demo, helps to keep the human face of people in Iran visible, prevents nukes from taking over as the only issue, and makes us better prepared to advocate for Iranian asylum-seekers when they arrive in our own communities (an area in which you are by now an expert. :) )

    These resources hopefully make it easy for people to add their own bit of pressure against this brutal regime; every little bit of pressure counts.

    All my best <3


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