Hello, I Must Be Going

It’s been quite an eventful few weeks.

A large community joined together and with the help of the European Court of Human Rights, the British government was told to go fuck themselves.

Bita Ghaedi has been released from the detention centre and is now at home, though obviously in need of time to recovery from this horrendous ordeal. The relief I felt when I heard the deportation had been cancelled, well I can’t begin to describe it adequately, except to repeat what I’ve already said elsewhere. My eyes freely wept with absolute joy. An extreme rarity for me. Well, I mean. I’m a bloke innit? (sniff) So best wishes to Bita and Mohsen for happier times ahead.

I gratefully thank Shreen, Maria, and many other who helped me realised exactly how bad things are in Iran. And a special thanks to my friends on facebook for the support and they’ve shown. It’s appreciated more than you know.

Of course this is not the end of the story. Many others, countless other still languish in cells all over the world with little or no hope of a fair trial or help of any kind. Iran is not the Human Rights abuser.

Thanks to the overflowing generosity of very kind friends, I’m off to spend a few days in the country next week. A luxury I do not take for granted, least of all in the light of recent events. So things will be rather quiet here at domestic empire HQ, although I should still be able to login to facebook on occasion.

I’m also looking forward to fully testing out and exploring my new Canon DSLR. Plus there’s a more than a hint of romance in the air, so we’re also looking forward to fully testing out and exploring each other as well.

Those who know me well. Those who have taken the time to stay in touch, will be aware I suffer with anxiety, agoraphobia and the dreaded black dog. Oh and migraine, plus I’ve also had to do all this posting flat on my back due to a slipped disc. No I don’t want sympathy – does no good at all. But it’s the reason why the upcoming break shall be most thoroughly appreciated. I couldn’t do it at all if I didn’t trust them entirely.

So in closing, but by no means least do they deserve the least of my appreciation and affection, my two best pals Roger, and Keeper of the Blues Mr. Long John Logan.

But of course I couldn’t possibly sign off without thanking my Mother, who has waited on me without complaint while I lay with said slipped disc not being able to walk for weeks.

To anyone I’ve inadvertently forgotten in offering my deepest gratitude, I no doubt shall feel deeply ashamed by such heinous omission. But then you surely know by now just how scatty I can be. Either that or you deserve no thanks.

M3 by Night

I leave you with a favourite recent capture of mine, “M3 by Night”
M3 by Night
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/domesticempire/4594867814/

Animal Crackers The Marx Brothers 1930

* Incidetally, this article’s title, “Hello, I Must Be Going”, is in reference to the song of the same name, which turn features in the repertoire of both Groucho Marx and famed African explorer Captain Spaulding, from the wonderful film 1930 film Animal Crackers by Marx Brothers. Not the fat-faced squat-legged little tub-thumper! Though one can’t fault those early Genesis records or indeed Brand X :)


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Writer, philosopher, humourist, musician, photographer, supporter of human rights, animal rights, owner/operator of a small but industrious beard and a whisker shy of talented.
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