What happened to Bita Ghaedi?

I have been meaning to write a follow up to my British Government sentence Bita Ghaedi to death article, and I still plan to. But from a slightly different angle. In the meantime however, let me direct you to Bita Ghaedi case – my follow up, written by Shreen Ayob, whose original posting on facebook it was all those weeks ago, that alerted me to Bita’s plight.

I also had the privilege and honour of attending a small get together in London last week, with members of IKWRO, and others who campaigned on behalf of Bita. Here you can see how healthy and happy she now appears, as she gave a thanks to those who helped her cause and those of others in need.

See Further Reading and British Government sentence Bita Ghaedi to death to find a comprehensive list of links for charities and organisations working hard and tirelessly on a daily basis for the basic dignity and Human Rights that I, and most of you reading this, take for granted. Please help spread the word, both of this success, and the appalling abuses that continue.

“You must be The Change You Want To See In The World” – Mahatma Gandhi..(Wikipedia link)

Bita Ghaedi in London 2010.05.26 (Photography by Gary Walsh) © Copyright 2010 Gary Walsh All rights reserved

Bita Ghaedi in London 2010.05.26 (photo by gary walsh/domesticempire.co.uk)


Simon Munnery Black Cat Comedy 6th June

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BLACK CAT COMEDY Presents Legend of Comedy SIMON MUNNERY Plus Special Guests. Sunday 6th June, 7.30pm, Wedgewood Rooms, £5.00 BARGAIN!

SIMON MUNNERY first found his comedy feet hosting the critically acclaimed confrontational komedy kabaret Cluub Zarathustra in 1994.

From this showcase for unconventional stand-up, Munnery’s best-known creations Alan Parker: Urban Warrior was born. With a weekly column in NME this self-appointed spokesman for the dispossessed and prophet to the disconnected sought to smash the system with subversion, some placards and a spray can. Three series of Alan Parker’s 29 Minutes of Truth were broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and Alan appeared in his own BBC2 show London Shouting , co-written by Father Ted creator Graham Lineham.

In 1996 Simon’s League Against Tedium, dubbed by the London Evening Standard as “a one-man antidote to mediocrity” had a six-episode run on BBC Radio 1. This was followed by sell-out runs for The League at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Aspen Comedy Festival and the ICA in London.

Simon returned to TV as The League in 2000 with his BBC series Attention Scum, which was nominated for the prestigious Golden Rose of Montreaux. In 2003, Simon recorded Where Did It All Go Wrong?, a series of monologues for BBC Radio 4. A second series was commissioned the following year and in 2006 he contributed writings to the compilation ‘Sit Down Comedy’ alongside the likes of Arthur Smith, Stewart Lee and Jenny Eclair.

“One of the most original and talented comedians in the country”
The Observer

“The event of the year… the most rewarding confection in live comedy”
The Sunday Times

source: http://wedgewood-rooms.co.uk/information.asp?GigID=3666

Black Cat Comedy Club

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Simon Munnery

Simon Munnery
Simon Munnery at Wikipedia
Simon Munnery – The League Against Tedium The old, Simon Munnery site.

Simon Munnery Black Cat Comedy Club 6th June The Wedgewood Rooms

Open letter to Paul Nelson:

I hope this “Black Cat Comedy Club returns for ONE NIGHT ONLY!” reference doesn’t spell the end of the comedy club entirely?

Is the little feline struggling with medical bills? Get in touch.

I should hate to see the poor little puss put to sleep. :-/


Simon Munnery Black Cat Comedy Club Southsea

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What is life like for failed asylum seekers in the UK?

Living in Limbo

Living in Limbo. A BBC World Service Documentary

Global Perspective: Living in Limbo (BBC World Service)

No-one in the UK is more marginalised than those asylum seekers who have not had their applications accepted but have not yet been asked to leave.

This status might occur because their country of origin is too dangerous to return to and is a life in limbo that can last as long as eight years.

Failed asylum seekers have no rights to benefits, accommodation or work. They exist on the goodwill of others.

Collen thinks that his four years of asylum claims and appeals may be at an end, but is too frightened to return to Zimbabwe.

Thomas – from Eritrea – does not yet know if he can stay in the UK after originally claiming asylum seven years ago.

Jenny Cuffe investigates the impact of living in limbo on the lives of asylum seekers.

Living in Limbo is the second in this year’s Global Perspective documentary series.

Find out more about the Global Perspective documentary series.

First broadcast on BBC World Service 30 April 2010.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/documentaries/2010/04/100428_living_in_limbo.shtml

From the BBC source link above, one has the choice to stream, (listen online), or download the documentary as an mp3 direct to you computer or mp3 player. There’s also a Podcast option to subscribe to other BBC World Service documentaries via iTunes, My Yahoo!, Zune, Google Reader, ZENCast or plain jolly old RSS feed. Currently the programme archive amounts to 528! Well worth a look I’d suggest. You can jump directly to the complete list by clicking this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/docarchive/all

Good to see the BBC continue making more content, particularly radio documentaries, available in such various and convenient ways.

Further Links of Interest

Zimbabwe country profile … (BBC)
Eritrea country profile … (BBC)

Not One More Execution (Free Protester's Kit)

Free Iran Flag and Protester

(Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

The Not One More Execution campaign material collated by Maria over at Mission Free Iran is a fantastic resource. One might almost suggest it’s a one-stop protester’s kit. Here’s a very very brief overview of what you can have access to.

Download Materials Include…

• Examples of event announcements
• Examples of letters to mainstream civil society orgs
• Example of a press release
• Examples of small ads for local newspapers
• Petition text
• Campaign directions for holding your own demonstration
• Numerous supporting documents

But you really have to visit http://missionfreeiran.wordpress.com/take-action/stop-executions-in-iran/ to see all that’s on offer. Go. Go now!

We’ve developed a set of campaign materials to help you plan your own NOT ONE MORE EXECUTION campaign. Sort through what’s there and use what you like/need to implement your own actions.

This page provides basic instructions and materials to help you stand up and demand an end to executions in Iran. The materials can be used to support anything from a one-person letter-writing campaign to a full-fledged protest. The supplementary documents provided below are great for letter-writing campaigns. You can use our petition text for a stand-alone petition effort, or as part of a larger, more comprehensive campaign. If you need more information on how to hold your own protest or letter-writing campaign, let us know via comment box, and we will be happy to provide guidance.

These materials were developed to support Mission Free Iran’s January 24 “Not One More” three-country protest against executions and political imprisonment in Iran, which was held in Gotland Sweden, Toronto Canada, and Washington DC.

source: http://missionfreeiran.wordpress.com/take-action/stop-executions-in-iran/

Hello, I Must Be Going

It’s been quite an eventful few weeks.

A large community joined together and with the help of the European Court of Human Rights, the British government was told to go fuck themselves.

Bita Ghaedi has been released from the detention centre and is now at home, though obviously in need of time to recovery from this horrendous ordeal. The relief I felt when I heard the deportation had been cancelled, well I can’t begin to describe it adequately, except to repeat what I’ve already said elsewhere. My eyes freely wept with absolute joy. An extreme rarity for me. Well, I mean. I’m a bloke innit? (sniff) So best wishes to Bita and Mohsen for happier times ahead.

I gratefully thank Shreen, Maria, and many other who helped me realised exactly how bad things are in Iran. And a special thanks to my friends on facebook for the support and they’ve shown. It’s appreciated more than you know.

Of course this is not the end of the story. Many others, countless other still languish in cells all over the world with little or no hope of a fair trial or help of any kind. Iran is not the Human Rights abuser.

Thanks to the overflowing generosity of very kind friends, I’m off to spend a few days in the country next week. A luxury I do not take for granted, least of all in the light of recent events. So things will be rather quiet here at domestic empire HQ, although I should still be able to login to facebook on occasion.

I’m also looking forward to fully testing out and exploring my new Canon DSLR. Plus there’s a more than a hint of romance in the air, so we’re also looking forward to fully testing out and exploring each other as well.

Those who know me well. Those who have taken the time to stay in touch, will be aware I suffer with anxiety, agoraphobia and the dreaded black dog. Oh and migraine, plus I’ve also had to do all this posting flat on my back due to a slipped disc. No I don’t want sympathy – does no good at all. But it’s the reason why the upcoming break shall be most thoroughly appreciated. I couldn’t do it at all if I didn’t trust them entirely.

So in closing, but by no means least do they deserve the least of my appreciation and affection, my two best pals Roger, and Keeper of the Blues Mr. Long John Logan.

But of course I couldn’t possibly sign off without thanking my Mother, who has waited on me without complaint while I lay with said slipped disc not being able to walk for weeks.

To anyone I’ve inadvertently forgotten in offering my deepest gratitude, I no doubt shall feel deeply ashamed by such heinous omission. But then you surely know by now just how scatty I can be. Either that or you deserve no thanks.

M3 by Night

I leave you with a favourite recent capture of mine, “M3 by Night”
M3 by Night
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/domesticempire/4594867814/

Animal Crackers The Marx Brothers 1930

* Incidetally, this article’s title, “Hello, I Must Be Going”, is in reference to the song of the same name, which turn features in the repertoire of both Groucho Marx and famed African explorer Captain Spaulding, from the wonderful film 1930 film Animal Crackers by Marx Brothers. Not the fat-faced squat-legged little tub-thumper! Though one can’t fault those early Genesis records or indeed Brand X :)