British Government sentence Bita Ghaedi to death

European Court of Human Rights has overturned UK govt on case of Bita Ghaedi! Deportation May 5th has been cancelled.

Message from Bita and Mohsen: DEPORTATION CANCELLED!


The below is a mail sent by Mohsen at 9:27pm EST on May 4 2010:

Source: Maria Rohaly of Mission Free Iran

Dear all

Bita’s flight has been cancelled at 6.30pm. Home Office had to cancel Bita’s removal direction after it had been ordered by United Kingdom High Court(5pm) and EU Human Right Court(6pm).

I use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who support us in different occasions all the time. Even though Bita is still in detention centre and it seems there is a long way to get our aim but it is the hardest step that we could successfully pass with your help and I am sure you will support her till the end.

The solicitor Mr Vasoodoven has already asked Home Office to release her and as we are sure they are not going to do that so he will ask for bail court.

We have to collect and prepare all the documents for Oral Hearing set on 21 July.

In the end, thanks for all who had planned to join us for tomorrow demonstration, there won’t be any at the moment.

Your sincerely
Bita & Mohsen

Source: Maria Rohaly of Mission Free Iran

Bita Ghaedi

Bita Ghaedi (Photograph by Steve Merrick)

Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation

Flight BD931 to Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran. Leaving London at 19:00, 5th May 2010

International Campaign Against Honour Killings
Emergency protest at Heathrow to stop Bita Ghaedi’s illegal deportation
The aim of the protest is to explain the situation to passengers on the same flight as Bita what will probably happen to her if she is deported, and to encourage them to protest on her behalf on the plane. Download: Save Bita (04 May 2010)

Iranian dissident Bita Ghaedi due to be deported Wednesday – *emergency action*
From Maria in Parliament Square: “AIRPORT EMERGENCY ACTION Bita Ghaedi: airport action tomorrow.”
So far no good news, and the deportation is going ahead at this time. Be prepared to go to Heathrow Airport tomorrow 4pm Terminal 3. For more info and updates, phone Maria: 07886 662 091 (04.05.2010 10:16/Indymedia)

Iran civil rights activist could face ‘honour killing’ if deported from UK
Bita Gheadi fled from Iran to escape forced marriage. Fears of ‘honour killing’ from own family or state execution.

mission free iran
Friends, this case is not just about Bita, but represents the injustices that the UK perpetrates against all asylum seekers. At this moment in time, there is a wave of refugees coming out of Iran that need our support. When countries around the world from Sweden to Norway to Turkey to Japan are all trying to deny their responsibilities and legal obligations as members of the international community, it is our duty to remind them that justice is not only for the wealthy, and freedom is not only for those who were born on the “right” side of an artificial border. We cannot allow the UK to implement this reprehensible act.

Note that Bita has grounds for asylum-seeking both on a political basis, as one who has protested against the current regime, and as one who has been subjected to gender-based violence in the past and is at very high risk of honor-killing by her family members should she be returned. Please see below for link to our full coverage of Bita’s situation. (May 4, 2010)

Bita Ghaedi Asylum case refused by UK Home Office
I have just spoken to Bita’s partner Mohsen and he has stated that the UK Home Office has refused to stay the deportation order of Bita Ghaedi. The case has been refused on the basis of ‘no new evidence’ despite a huge amount of evidence being supplied to the home office regarding her humanitarian campaigning on behalf of the PMOI (People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran). She is now scheduled to be deported tomorrow at 7PM on flight BD931 to Tehran from Heathrow airport. Despite a wealth of material regarding her case, Bita remains in very ill health at Yarls Wood Detention Centre, she has not been released. More to be published tomorrow, 5th may 2010. (Terence Bunch | 04.05.2010 14:09)

The Comment Factory
UK goverment “too busy” to stop Bita Ghaedi being deported to her death next week.
Bita Ghaedi is an Iranian UK-based asylum seeker. On May 5th she will be dragged back against her will into a brutal regime and family situation that will very likely lead to her murder. (May 1, 2010 @14:23 )

UK Indymedia
Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation, Home Office – Pictures.
For the second time in as many weeks supporters and campaigners gather outside the UK Home Office to implore what remains of the British Government to halt the deportation of Bita Ghaedi back to Iran. (30.04.2010 18:04)

Shreen Distracted
“SAVE BITA GHAEDI. aka the government’s human rights abuse FAIL.
Bita will be deported on May 5th to an almost certain death. The media are ignoring this story because of the general elections. Bita is one of many. Actions you can take” (30 April 2010)

UK Indymedia
Bita Ghaedi Protest, Home Office, London – tomorrow.
On 5th May 2010, the day before the electorate goes to the polls, Bita Ghaedi will once again face deportation back to Iran on flight BD931 to Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran. It is the second attempt to remove her, the first failing on 20th April 2010 after widespread grounding of aircraft affected by a large volcanic ash cloud which closed down UK airspace. (29-04-2010 13:04)

Barnet Today
Bita is in a critical psychological and physical condition
And due to the intense pressure, some of her hair has suddenly turned white. She is in turmoil and cannot sleep or eat. As Bita’s partner, I have been through the most terrible time of my life. (Thursday, 29 April 2010)

The F-Word
How Britain is sending a woman to her death, and what you can do about it. See quotation above. (27 April 2010, 22:38)

Active Anti-Deportation Campaigns
A new new direction now have been given for Bita Ghaedi from United Kingdom by flight BD931 to Iran at 19.00 hrs on 05 May 2010. (26 April 2010)
[ What you can do to help ]

mission free iran
URGENT: New deportation date set for Bita Ghaedi: May 5 2010.
Make Bita’s case VISIBLE: the media refuses to cover these illegal deportations to Iran. Ensure that the world knows what the British government is doing. Bita is but one case: there are many lined up behind her in the UK alone, including Nadia Arzane & Bashir Foris, and Kiana Firouz. What happens to Bita paves the road for the others. Post about Bita in every blog, in every comment section that you can. Raise the visibility. (April 26, 2010)
Stop the Deportation of Bita Ghaedi to Iran! UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband has the power to intervene and set things right for Bita Ghaedi. But he has refused to take action so far maybe because he is too busy campaigning for elections to be held next month. It is time to up the ante on David Miliband: Here are some things you can do… (Apr 20 04:30 am)

UK Indymedia
Bita Ghaedi to be deported flight no BD931, Tuesday 20th. We now know that Bita Ghaedi is to be returned to Iran on Tuesday 20th April and is booked on flight BD931 to Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran. She is currently languishing in a wheelchair at the infamous Yarls Wood Detention Centre. She has been allowed one mobile phone (without camera) and is now under severe stress. She has no where to go once she arrives in Iran and will be on the run almost immediately. She has lost weight as a result of repeated hunger strikes she has been undertaking in her desperate attempt to stay in the UK. (17.04.2010 12:37)

UK Indymedia
“This morning (16th April 2010) at 7am, nine police and UK Border agency officers broke into Bita Ghaedi’s home and forcibly arrested her. She has been removed to the infamous Yarls Wood detention centre and has been scheduled to be removed to Iran on 20th April 2010. If this removal is successful, the British Government will have condemned this woman to certain death.” (16.04.2010 10:34)
IKWRO have been working to support Bita who faces a severe risk of falling victim to an ‘honour’ killing if she is returned to Iran. Bita comes from a very traditional family in an area where ‘honour’ killings are common and where killers are unlikely to face any serious repercussions for their crimes. If deported she will be destitute and unprotected. Since her arrival in London, she has been imprisoned at Holloway prison and twice detained at the infamous Yarl’s Wood.

Save Bita Ghaedi from being returned to Iran!
IKWRO have been working to support Bita who faces a severe risk of falling victim to an ‘honour’ killing if she is returned to Iran. Bita comes from a very traditional family in an area where ‘honour’ killings are common and where killers are unlikely to face any serious repercussions for their crimes. If deported she will be destitute and unprotected. (Wednesday, 24 February 2010 12:17)

UK Indymedia
Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation. Her own words. (05.02.2010 16:55)

UK Indymedia
Save Bita Ghaedi from deportation and certain execution. (04.02.2010 17:00)

Border staff humiliate and trick asylum seekers – whistleblower. Louise Perrett says she was advised at the Border Agency office in Cardiff to refuse difficult asylum claims. (Tuesday 2 February 2010 18.36 )
Whetstone refugee on hunger strike in fear of being killed on return to Iran. (3:09pm Monday 1st February 2010)

The Free Bita Campaign
The Free Bita Campaign / Also @facebook
Please sign the petition to help Bita Ghaedi remain in the UK here,
Stop the Deportation of Bita Ghaedi to Iran!
“It is frightful to live in Iran for female, there is not any law, organization or community which wants or can support them and it is nightmare for me to think about my father, brother, and my husband as well. I am pretty sure it is benevolent, advisable and godly for them to kill me if I won’t be arrested.”
-Bita Ghaedi

Amnesty’s Report on Iran
“Iran is in a constant state of turmoil. Progressive forces are at odds with the government and the religious establishment. In July 1999, students gathered in a peaceful demonstration outside university dormitories in Tehran to protest against the forced closure of the daily newspaper. Scores of other student demonstrators were arbitrarily arrested. Dozens of them faced torture and ill treatment in incommunicado detention. Many were imprisoned following manifestly unfair trials.” (15 Feb 2010)

Amnesty: Iran women’s rights defenders
“Women in Iran are discriminated against by law. Evidence given by a woman in court is considered only worth half that given by a man. A girl under the age of 13 can be forced to marry a much older man if her father permits it. They do not have equal rights with men in marriage, divorce, child custody or inheritance.”
Five actions you can take to halt Bita Ghaedi’s deportation.

The PMOI and Iranian Pro-Democracy Movement [eng version] / Also @@facebook / Also @@twitter
The PMOI’s ideology is based on one of democracy, popular will, tolerance and moderation.

Feministing Community
How Britain is sending a woman to her death, and what you can do about it.

Bita Ghaedi is an Iranian woman who has been living in the UK and campaigning against chronic human rights abuses committed in Iran during recent Pro-Democracy protests.

On 15th April, Bita was forcibly removed from her home by UK Border Agency staff and police and was taken to Yarls Wood Detention Centre to await her removal. Bita fled domestic violence in her native Iran and left her country and an abusive marriage in 2007.

She has been on hunger strike due to the fear over deported to Iran. The British Government is refusing to grant her asylum. The extreme position 34-year-old Bita Ghaedi finds herself in, is because she is terrified of being tortured and killed if she is forced to return to Iran. Having previously endured both psychical and mental torture at the hands of her own family, Bita lives with the fear that she shall be hunted down and killed by her father, brother and uncle upon her return to Iran.

One must remember of course, that this is not an isolated case. Human Rights are anything like a right for many people across the globe. This is happening in perpetuity. But many of us, we possess not just the right, but also the luxury, to choose between action for change or plugging into the mainstream media and convincing ourselves, ‘It’s got nothing to do with me’.

Search for the name Bita Ghaedi on most of the mainstream news sites and a single story of remarkable consistency follows…

Your Search Results for Bita Ghaedi Did not match any documents.: No Results.

Rather worryingly both Amnesty and Liberty produced the same set of negative results. Though I think Liberty deal less with individual cases, choosing instead to fundamentally concentrate more on changes in the law. The lack of results at Amnesty I find less easy to fathom at this stage.

Amnesty’s reply to my facebook post:

Amnesty International UK Hi Gary – I have been talking to our refugee team about this case and normally we do not work on individual deportation cases in the UK unless approached by the individual (or their lawyers) involved. Most of our UK refugee and asylum work is focused on changing the legislation and processes that cause this sort of situation.

We do, of course, encourage our supporters to get involved in the case as grass roots campaigning has stopped many deportations from occurring. Thanks for making our followers aware of this important case and please continue to campaign for Bita as it’s your hard work that can make a difference.

source: Amnesty International UK at facebook

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: 22:27 03 May 2010

RE. Flight BD931 to Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran. Leaving London at 19:00, 5th May 2010

London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (MET Office)
Where is the volcanic ash cloud now?
The London VAAC is responsible for monitoring and forecasting the movement of volcanic ash over the United Kingdom, Iceland and the north-eastern part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Reports are emerging from all the national news agencies to the effect that flights to and from Ireland are likely to be cancelled tomorrow as volcanic ash from Iceland drifts across the country. It is also expected to affect Scotland too. Whether the ash cloud from this natural disaster drifts back into London airspace to in time to postpone a second planned flight, one can only guess and hope.

Volcano Ash: More Air Travel Misery Looms
Air passengers are facing further misery as the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud returns, causing Ireland to restrict all flights and Scotland to close parts of its airspace.(9:38pm UK, Monday May 03, 2010)

Ash cloud closes Irish airspace
The Irish Aviation Authority have grounded all flights in and out of the Republic from 0700 BST on Tuesday after the volcanic ash cloud drifted south. (21:16 03/05/2010, northern Ireland, BBC News | UK)

A personal message added: 15:12 03 May 2010

To all who’ve taken such an interest in Bita’s case by visiting this page wishing to know more and wanting to participate, thank you so much and keep spreading the word. We have but precious little time left.

This is just a small personal website, and justly receives a modest number of visits. 34 was the highest number for any one given day I think. So to witness yesterday’s figure of over 600 visits fills me with hope that Bita’s message is spreading.

There are many concerned bloggers and dedicated indie journalists, all of whom possess a great deal more experience in campaigning than I do, so I’m especially pleased to see from the server logs, the links to these are being followed, which would indicate people are wanting to actually get involved rather than reading and moving on elsewhere.

Over 600 visits, concerned by the plight of Bita Ghaedi, is something I find extremely impressive, but it’s nothing at all, compared to the numbers the national mainstream press would, and could still, generate themselves. Sadly this would require one to merit the lamentable assumption they possess the guts needed to stretch beyond the singular editorial controlling pressure brought about by the age old problem of commercial greed.

So it’s still up to each and every one of us. We have precious little time left. We have until Wednesday 5th May. Please, add this and every link on here to your social network sites, makes comments on forums and let’s actually make a difference.

Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

gary walsh

David Miliband’s Contact Details &
Unfulfilled Declarations of Help & Support

update: 02:30 2 May 2010

UK Foreign Secretary (A.K.A. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) David Miliband is the name of the man who can choose to remove the death sentence upon Bita Ghaedi if he cares to. David Miliband has thus far refused.

As a public servant David Miliband makes himself available for contact in a number of ways, most of which are listed below, along with other links that pertain the various responsibilities he is obliged to undertake in his position as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

• David Miliband’s Website:

• David Miliband’s Blog:

• David Miliband’s Facebook Page:

• David Miliband’s Twitter Page:

• David Miliband’s Email Address:

• David Miliband’s London Work Address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

• David Miliband’s Local Constituency Address: Ede House, 143 Westoe Road, South Shields, NE33 3PD

“What can I do to help you? Problems dealt with by the Home Office such as immigration. My office is open to members of the public between Monday to Thursday.”David Miliband

• David Miliband’s Local Constituency Work Number: (0191) 456 8910

• David Miliband’s Local Constituency Email:

• David Miliband’s Search Results: at

• David Miliband’s Political Position: Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (Wikipedia link)

• David Miliband’s Government Blog:

• David Miliband’s ‘About David’ on His Government Blog:

Where he happily confides, “At the heart of this is the idea that diplomats need to reach out beyond governments to talk to people – at home and around the world.” – David Miliband

• David Miliband’s Profile on Wikipedia:

• David Miliband’s Profile on

• Sky News: David Miliband In Depth

• Guardian: David Miliband News Profile

How Britain is sending a woman to her death, and what you can do about it

An oft used excuse for apathy is confusion, unknown facts and vague issues. This story has none of those, and I urge you to take action.

Bita Ghaedi’s story is simple. She fled to the UK to escape an unhappy and abusive family situation, as well as an unhappy marriage.

The Home Office denied Bita Ghaedi’s first application for asylum in 2007. In response, she made an unsuccessful suicide attempt. In the years that passed, Bita feared being sent back to Iran at any time. She is subsequently suffering from intense, relentless stress which according to her current partner (a prominent member of the Iranian opposition), has turned her hair white. She also became involved in activism with the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI).

Not only is it a very real threat that her family (brother, father, husband and other male relatives) may try to kill her for so-called ‘honour’ reasons, but her political associations with the PMOI put her at even more risk if she is deported.

Bita’s partner Mohsen Zadshir writes: “The Home Office is determined to send Bita to the hands of Iranian brutal regime. As you all know, Bita has raised her voice against the fundamentalist Shari’a Law. She has been interviewed by the satellite TV of Iranian opposition and the footage has been broadcasted all over Iran. According to the Iranian regime Bita’s support for the PMOI makes her a ‘Mohareb’ – enemy of God, and is punished by death penalty.”

Continue reading Shreen Ayob’s full article at The F-Word

Shreen is a volunteer for the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO)

Bita Ghaedi campaigning for political prisoners

Bita Ghaedi campaigning for political prisoners


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15 Responses to British Government sentence Bita Ghaedi to death

  1. Maria Rohaly says:

    Thank you for the fantastic coverage of Bita’s situation. We especially appreciate that you have highlighted the stunning lack of media attention. It is absolutely appalling.

    What’s worse is that Bita has actually has MORE attention than some of other three Iranian activists that the UK is getting ready to deport to their deaths in Iran, including the pregnant Nadia Arzane & her partner Bashir Foris. Kiana Firouz is another who is subject to the death penalty if the UK returns her to Iran because she is a lesbian.

    We have been working on the cases of the four above-mentioned Iranian UK-based asylum seekers, and one in Japan, Jamal Saberi. The one thing that they all have in common is that the mainstream media REFUSES to cover their stories. Further, even though Amnesty Intl and Human Rights Watch have in several of the cases become involved on the ground, they have not issued any statements on behalf of these asylum seekers nor have they even mentioned them in their sites. This dereliction of duty by mainstream human rights orgs actually damages these asylum-seekers because people don’t believe the cases until Amnesty or HRW gives them their “blessing.”

    In short, there is plenty of blame to go around for the present appalling circumstances, from the inhumane and illegal deportation policies of the UK that clearly violate the legal principle of non-refoulement, to the studious silence of the mainstream media, to the inexplicable inability of Amnesty, HRW, and UNHCR to decry, let alone try to stop, these illegal acts of deportation by the UK and Japan.

    If we thought the days of “we are the media” for Iran ended with the street protests, we were wrong. It is up to citizens worldwide to take responsibility; our social institutions and mainstream organizations are failing miserably, and have been for quite some time.

    My very best regards to you,


  2. lissnup says:

    Why is Bita Ghaedi not getting attention from Amnesty International or Amnesty UK?

    Why is the PMOI, who I hear are very well represented in the UK, not posting about her case or showing any support?

    As for Bita being terrified of her family harming her, there is a more pressing and serious risk facing her on return to Iran. The security forces will almost certainly take her on arrival for “questioning” and her subsequent imprisonment and death sentence are a mere formality for the Iranian regime in their current climate of repression.


  3. shirin tabib says:

    This is the most unbritish, how on earth can you send a woman in this situation to Iran, her blood will be on your hands, do you realize. She is in danger of being raped, tortured, killed, don’t you have a heart. You can ask her to get a via from some other countries, there might be a country more caring than the UK. You ought to be ashamed if you send her back to Iran, stop this, for God’s sake…………..shirin


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  5. Hamed says:



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  7. John Browne says:

    Is Iran actively seeking the return of these people?.. or is this a case of the country in which refuge is sought merely acting on its own prerogatives?

    It’s puzzling that Amnesty & HRW seem hesitant to act in public. Are these cases which challenge some inner organizational thresh-hold of defensible public action? Are there other, more amenable countries to which these victims may emigrate? This seems like an opportunity for SOME country to tip a socio-political balance in favor of decency & compassion.

    As for the MainStream Media, I have even ceased considering them for sources of anything meaningful, beyond, perhaps, natural disasters. They are, essentially, “bought-&-paid-for” minions of the world of Corporate Feudalism. ^..^


  8. Maria Rohaly says:


    I am encouraging people not in UK to make phone calls to the British Embassy in their country.

    Keep up the good work.



  9. Maria Rohaly says:

    Hi sweetie. :)
    Very good news confirmed. :)
    Message from Mohsen here:

    NOW you can enjoy the compliments on your excellent work I think. :)


    • gary says:

      Awww, thank you Maria. you’re a sweetie yourself ;)

      Yours was the first comment I received, and had the galvanizing effect that made me realise people were actually reading this, which in turn led me to follow links from your site to others, then more, and… Well that’s how it works so beautifully.

      As you state in your article, Bita – and of course she still has to gain true freedom in being released from the detention centre. But though in custody still, it is a preferably ‘safe’ custody – many more cases like this, in fact far worse than this, still exist and continue to go unnoticed around the world.

      Complacency is not an option.
      This is in no way the end of the story, merely the drawing to close of one chapter. I urge those whose conscience has been awoken by Bita’s case to please continue on and spread the word about others innocent sufferers whose only ‘crime’ is the attempt to flee danger. Who of us would not do the same?

      Plus, from what I estimate, if the Conservatives gain political power, I fear there might be still further reductions in the rights of asylum seekers, so we really have no choice but to remain ever vigilante – whoever gains power.

      They may try to lock us down with endless new laws. But crucially there are still, and will always remain, more of us than them.

      And never let them forget they’re our public servants. As such, they’re our employees.

      A suitable link at this juncture would be, They Work For You.

      “NOW you can enjoy the compliments on your excellent work I think. :)”
      :) Thank you Maria. I’ll choose to share them with all the work done by the many sites I linked to. Solidarity!

      “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


    • gary says:

      Maria, I’m sorry for not picking up on this earlier.

      Clearly one objective, I imagine there are those already engaged in the process – if so please let me know, is to lobby for a change in the law so there is exists a stipulation that negates these short deadlines, which are clearly aimed at catching protesters off-guard.

      Beyond I think with current technology we can device an early alert system they shall alert the maximum amount of people in the minimum of time. I’ll look into it. I have a one or two ideas in mind already.

      Of course if any one has knowledge of a process similar to this in existence elsewhere, even for something totally unrelated, please let one of us know.

      There are always options. I never believe in defeat until the battle is over.


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  11. Hi Maria, Bita etc ;-)

    Hey didn’t it occur to anyone to mention any of this campaign to Steve (we did have a good natter a couple of weeks ago and you didn’t mention it at all to me???) I know I’ve been dodging Photographic Bankruptcy but until yesterday I thought I had let Bita down because all I did was take a few shots and shout at a couple of pic desks about this court case. I am now a lot happier and have to yell “Maria You Beauty!!” but next time (There will always be a next time!) Can you keep me informed.
    Please. ;-) ;-) ;-)
    Steve Merrick


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