Comedian Mark Thomas wins £1,200 over police search

‘Over-confident’ comic was unlawfully stopped and had his bag checked as he left arms protest

Comedian Mark Thomas wins £1,200 over police search

Photo credit: Graeme Robertson

Police have paid compensation and apologised to the comedian and activist Mark Thomas after they admitted unlawfully searching him for looking “over-confident” at a demonstration.

The Metropolitan police stopped and searched Thomas after he gave a speech at a rally against the arms trade in 2007.

The police searched his shoulder bag and wallet for weapons, which they said could be used to cause criminal damage.

A police officer recorded on an official form that Thomas may have been carrying weapons as he had an “over-confident attitude”. Nothing was found.

In January the European court of human rights ruled it was unlawful for police to use arbitrary stop-and-search powers against peace protesters and photographers under terrorism legislation.

Kent police admitted conducting unlawful searches on 11-year-old twins and other activists at an environmental demonstration.

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Rob Evans and Paul Lewis |, Monday 19 April 2010 17.44 BST

Mark Thomas Presents the People's Manifesto

The People's Manifesto


BBC News
Comedian Mark Thomas wins compensation from police. A comedian who was illegally stopped and searched after a demonstration in east London has won compensation from the Metropolitan Police (Met).

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When police admit you could be put on a secret database for being at a demo, it’s time to worry? Mark Thomas

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