Hostile Reconnaissance 13th April 2010

This is a free event, open to the public.

Hostile Reconnaissance 13th April 2010

The London Photographers’ Branch is proud to announce a pre-election rally on Terror Laws, Civil Liberties & Press Freedom at 7pm on the 13th of April at Friends Meeting House in Euston.

The rally will be chaired by photographer Jess Hurd and we’ve got a top lineup of speakers who have dealt with the raft of terror laws that we face today

Hostile Reconnaissance will take place at Friends Meeting House in Euston from 7pm. It will be chaired by freelance photographer Jess Hurd and see the Union’s general secretary Jeremy Dear joined by Paul Lewis of The Guardian.

Other speakers will include Keith Ewing, a professor of public law at King’s College London, Henry Porter of the British version of Vanity Fair, as well as Chez Cotton, the head of Action Against the Police at Bindmans Sollicitors.

Photojournalist Marc Vallée will also join the panel of speakers, alongside Pennie Quinton, who recently won a case in front of the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled that Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 was unlawful.

Supporting the rally are the National Union of Journalists, NUJ London Central Branch and the I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist! campaign group.

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I’m A Photographer, Not a Terrorist!
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update | 14th April, 2010

Hostile Reconnissance April 13th 2010

Photographers, Lawyers & Campaigners Rally for Change

Last night saw the fantastic Hostile Reconnaissance rally take place as 200 people filled the Large Meeting House of Friends Meeting House in Euston.

The rally heard from across the spectrum of journalists and photographers with accounts of journalists being harassed by police whilst working, being forced to erase images under the threat of arrest, detention on trumped up charges of ‘a breach of the peace’ and forced removal from covering protests using public order legislation.

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Hostile Reconnaissance rally on Civil Liberties, Terror Laws & Press Freedom in Friends Meeting House. Image © Rude Cech 2010

Full length audio from the rally, courtesy of Andrew Stuart, is available now to listen online or download. Follow this link to
Photographers, Lawyers & Campaigners Rally for Change

Download Mirror Location For Audio File | 151 MB (158,634,319 bytes)


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