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OperaOpera browser user? Then pop over to my Opera blog for a couple of recent articles concerning Opera 10.x

I’ve done a lot of moaning about my favourite browser in the past, but Opera is still the best out there – once one is aware of how to take control. As I’ve said elsewhere, If Opera were efficiently documented, we, their loyal user-base, could be better occupied promoting their browser instead of time spent fixing it.

Download Opera Dictionaries
Friday, 20. November 2009, 07:52:33
Some people, including myself, have experienced difficulty in obtaining dictionaries for the new in line spell check within Opera 10.x. …Here’s the complete set, fresh today, 20th November 2009, from Opera’s server…[read the full article]

Use Opera Dragonfly Offline
Friday, 20. November 2009, 01:59:07
I wanted to run the app locally rather than from Opera’s server, as is usual. I didn’t bother looking for any documentation on this because Opera’s track record at documenting their browser to any useful degree is considerably inept…[read the full article]

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“Opera Dragonfly is a cross device, cross platform debugging environment for the Opera browser-debug JavaScript, inspect and edit CSS and the DOM, and view any errors on your mobile or computer.”

“Inline spell checker. Spell-check quickly as you type, with support for 48 languages.”