Peter Ackroyd’s Venice

Venice: Pure City is the title of Peter Ackroyd’s latest book, which has also been adapted to the screen and is currently showing on Sky Arts.

Sadly none of Ackroyd’s television series have yet made it onto DVD. A search around the usual suspects in the field of torrenting will bring most to your pc, but a high quality retail version would be preferred, and I’m sure not only by me. Jonathan Meades television suffers the same, although a recent compilation is a start, and better than nothing. There’s a gap in the market going spare here, I’m sure.

Peter Ackroyd's Venice

Peter Ackroyd's Venice

Peter Ackroyd has written biographies of Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Dickens, Blake, Thomas More and Shakespeare, as well as short lives of Chaucer, Turner and Newton. A bestselling biographer, historian, novelist and broadcaster, he holds a CBE for services to literature. He was born and brought up in London, where he still lives. Chatto and Vintage are the publishers of his bestselling London: The Biography and Thames: Sacred River.

His future books will be Venice and The English Ghost, as well as new volumes about London, to be published in hardback by Chatto and in paperback by Vintage.

source: Random House

Peter Ackroyd’s Venice - The Television Series

Peter Ackroyd’s Venice - The Television Series

Venice: Pure CityRandom House
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Tales of the cityInterview from The Guardian 2003
Peter Ackroyd’s VeniceSky Arts
Wired for BooksDownload an audio interview with Peter Ackroyd from 1991 Re. Dickens.
Peter Ackroyd FilmographyBFI (The British Film Institute)


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