Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle DVD

Stewart Lee's DVD

Stewart Lee's DVD

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Those who wish for a second series of this insightful, silly, cynical, breath-of-freah-air, intelligent, surreal, and just plain funny BBC 2 series should use their plastic to support this desire. Or, ‘Go out and buy the Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle DVD’, as that confused metaphor is trying to say. Availlable from today, 7th September.

The BBC commissioning process is an endless round of fun and bonhomie, as surely everyone knows, however healthy sales figures won’t hurt a bit in helping secure that ‘difficult’ second series.

Thank-you for watching this show, if you did. Figs were 1.25 million by the end, building over the series, which apparently is perfectly acceptable these days, and critical reaction was very good. People have been nice about it in pubs and in the street. I was supposed to find out if there was a 2nd series in June but Lucy Lumsden quit her BBC comedy job and everything went wonky. There is a dvd available on September 7th, with 1 ½ hrs of extra stuff etc. I get 5 pence in the pound off this from the BBC so please buy it and don’t just steal it off the net. I neeeeeed this!

Official Stewart Lee Website
Unofficial Fist of Fun Website

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