Jonathan Meades Off Kilter

A new three part series from Jonathan Meades begins next Wednesday on BBC Four. Rejoice!

Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Meades

Yes, the ever-welcome Meades returns to break our televisual fast once again. I was all set to launch into a critique on how BBC Four has become a poor relation of it’s former self, but perhaps it’s better, for the moment, just to be thankful there’s something worth watching for a change.

Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter
“Jonathan Meades takes a quixotic tour of Scotland, a country which has intrigued him since he first encountered lists of towns only known from football coupons.” Directed by: Francis Hanly.

Episode 1/3
BBC Four 2009-09-09 9:00pm (60 mins)
“Architecture critic Meades celebrates Aberdeen, the granite city full of ‘brand new’ 300 year old buildings.”

Episode 2/3
BBC Four 2009-09-16 9:00pm (60 mins)
“Genealogy, or ‘ancestral tribalism’, gets Meades’ goat as he travels from Stirling to the isle of Lewis and Harris, a strange, sometimes rusty paradise. Here he discovers serenity, Calvinism and peat bog bodies.”

Episode 3/3
BBC Four 2009-09-23 9:00pm (60 mins)
Meades celebrates an oil refinery and takes potshots at overpaid footballers.

Filmcars, “…an agency providing all types of vehicles to the film, television and advertising industry in Scotland.”, has a couple of production stills on their site. An interesting website in it’s own right.

Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter production stills.<br />Click to visit Film Cars website.

Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter production stills.
Click to visit Film Cars website.

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