Bill Callahan BBC 6 Music Session

Bill Callahan and entourage in the BBC 6 Music studio
Bill Callahan is touring the country at the moment, and was in session for BBC 6 Music on Monday with Tom Ravenscroft. I’ve yet to listen back to the recording, but the playlist for the programme reads thus… Remember when we used to listen to radio live? Crazy days.

Broadcast: Mon 24 Aug 2009 19:00 BBC 6 Music

Bill Callahan — Jim Cain live in session
Honkeyfinger — I’m Your Witchdoctor
Girls — Lust For Life
The J. Geils Band — Peanut Butter
Part Chimp — Dirty Sun
The Champagne Socialists — Blue Genes
John Fahey — The Spanish Two Step BBC session
Nodzzz — Is She There
Jürgen Paape — Ofterschwang
Bill Callahan — Eid Ma Clack Shaw live in session
Bill Callahan — The Wind And The Dove live in session

Babes in Toyland — Laugh My Head Off BBC session
Sir Richard Bishop — Barbary
Smith Westerns — Be My Girl
Vivian Girls — Can’t Get Over You
Schlachthofbronx — Mad Instrument
George Dekker — Foey Man
Kanda Bongo Man — Sai BBC session
Magic Kids — Hey Boy
Richard Swift — Lady Luck
Health — Die Slow
Sonic Youth — Youth Against Fascism BBC session
Six Organs of Admittance — Actaeon’s Fall (Against The Hounds)
A.J. Holmes — Schloss Lanke


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