Firefox 3 Annoyances

Irritating Firefox Download Manager

Trainee download manager from Firefox

Trainee download manager from Firefox

I’ve been without Firefox for some time now since it change its download behaviour. The fact that it now inherits its actions from one’s Windows Security Policy is, to me, ludicrous.

Previous to 3.5, nothing I could do with any 3x versions would allow me to download a thing. Finally, the following tweak appears to have done the trick, as opposed to each file lining up in a state marked Cancelled this time, which admittedly was an improvement. [reference]

Bypass Windows Security Policy check

You can add the new preference, (available in current Firefox versions) and set it to true. This will bypass the Windows Security Policy check and allow you to download executable files. To add this new preference:

1. In the Location bar, type about:config and press Enter/Return/Go, what have you.

1a. If “This might void your warranty!” warning appears, click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”, to continue.

2. Right-click anywhere in the list of preferences.

3. In the context menu, select New then select Boolean. The “New boolean value” dialogue box will appear.

4. Enter the preference name in the text field and click OK.

5. In the “Enter boolean value” box that appears, select true and click OK.

Firefox should now be able to download executable files.

As an alternative solution, you can also reset your system Internet security settings.

Opera Still Ahead

Opera stills reigns here as browser of choice, despite it’s own misplaced reasoning for changing it’s policy on cached files. [reference]


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