Moog as in Rogue

Didn’t I read somewhere that the wave forms generated by authentic VCO circuits can help stimulate the neural centres of the brain responsible for the production of serotonin and therefore make everything with the world bright, fine and dandy? Moreover isn’t it also true that chicks dig guys who modulate?

my little rogue

my little rogue


If You Prefer A Milder Comedian, Please Ask For One

If You Prefer A Milder Comedian, Please Ask For One … is the title of the new Stewart Lee live stand-up show.

Finally booked my tickets for this, and perhaps not a day too soon, because seats seem to be selling very well from my estimation. Given the intimate venues, necessary for Lee’s style in my view, and the recent qualified success of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle on the BBC, one shouldn’t hang about too long if one hasn’t yet booked.

Official If You Prefer A Milder Comedian, Please Ask For One Stewart Lee tour poster.
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Many thanks to Debi at Debi Allen Associates & Sally at Hob Publicity.

Work in progress, towards a new touring show, from the comedian currently fashionable amongst broadsheet newspaper critics due to his BBC2 series Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.

Stew says, “In this show, an account of something that happened to me in a coffee shop will be used as a convenient framing device for disparate material possibly concerning English Heritage, Top Gear, The Olympics, emigration, prawns, Bella Pasta, The National Trust, farmers, DH Lawrence, piglets, cathedrals, bees, Iggy Pop, cider adverts, riots etc etc.”

As usual, expect …
1) Some punchy stuff near the top
2) inexplicable hostility towards relatively innocuous figures
3) silences
4) repetition
5) sudden and/or gradual shifts in tone, velocity and volume
6) long routines experimenting with form rather than content
7) the possibility of failure
8) a quasi-serious bit at the end.
9) New for 2009! A song!

Thank-you for watching this show, if you did. Figs were 1.25 million by the end, building over the series, which apparently is perfectly acceptable these days, and critical reaction was very good. People have been nice about it in pubs and in the street. I was supposed to find out if there was a 2nd series in June but Lucy Lumsden quit her BBC comedy job and everything went wonky. There is a dvd available on September 7th, with 1 ½ hrs of extra stuff etc. I get 5 pence in the pound off this from the BBC so please buy it and don’t just steal it off the net. I neeeeeed this!

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