Strange Death of David Kelly

2009 August 29th
Professor David Kelly pictured during the Iraq inquiry.

Professor David Kelly pictured at the time
of the House of Commons Iraq inquiry.

“Any society which functions properly as a democratic society needs certain safeguards. To begin with, in this country there is too much centralised power. Also, you need a system of freedom of information. Thirdly, a system of accountability for the government of the day so that if they cover something up it should be found out. We haven’t got that.”

– From an Interview with MP and Author of The Strange Death of David Kelly, Norman Baker. Link

“At least half the readers of this book will suspect Kelly was murdered; for them, Baker provides plenty of support. For those who share my scepticism, however, it’s still an important work. You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to conclude that something murky was going on behind closed doors in Whitehall. Hutton’s remit was too narrow ever to get to the bottom of it. As an exploration of what happens when politicians bend the evidence to fit their aims, hoping that the end will justify the means, Baker’s book is hard to beat. – by Nick Rufford

Times review link: The Strange Death of David Kelly by Norman Baker


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